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Welcome to Simply Placed! We are a Vancouver Professional Organizing business with a passion to help you get your life organized. Our services include hands on help with organizing your home and office. We can also help you prepare for a move or downsize so you don’t need to think about the details but just enjoy the process and look forward to the future.

What does Simply Placed do?

  • Assessing your needs
  • Home and office organizing
  • Innovative approach to creating maintainable and easy-to-use spaces
  • Direct and close support for clients
  • Sorting and decluttering your belongings
  • Creating organizing systems to help make your daily routines easier and smoother
  • Developing inventory lists
  • Labelling content and stored items
  • Consulting and providing organizing tips and ideas for your home and office
  • Scheduling. managing and coordinating a move
  • Sourcing and purchasing organizational tools
  • Sourcing and helping with delivering recyclables and donations to appropriate associations
  • Administrative duties
  • Hands on help to get the job done

How can you benefit from an organized space?

Organized, manageable, maintainable spa  ces:

  • Create efficiency in your routine
  • Are functional and workable
  • Save time and money
  • Turns the feeling of being overloaded and overwhelmed to feeling calm and in control.

Who does Simply Placed help?

  • Families who are planning for the future and downsizing
  • Overloaded working professionals and homemakers
  • Seniors who are relocating or downsizing.

If you are moving or need help with organizing your home or office, we can help!

We offer our organizing services in Metro Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby, BC.

Check out Simply Placed’s Past Projects or Contact us to learn more.