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Meet Magi Lee, Professional Organizer Vancouver whose love for organizing began at a very young age. Growing up in the small town of Summerland, BC, Magi operated a busy mid-sized restaurant alongside her parents. With her knack for creating workflow and organization, she co-managed a profitable fast-paced business.

Magi attended the University of Calgary and completed a degree in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies. She spent her early career assisting individuals of all ages with special needs, and supported families through stressful circumstances. The family services environment  required her to plan for others’ futures, assess client needs and ensure a clean, organized, safe space for her clients to develop and grow. Her patient, caring, and organized manner ensured her clients’ needs were closely assessed and met.


Why professional organizing?

Magi understands the importance of having more time to do enjoyable things. Her passion is creating easy to use, organized and maintainable spaces that eliminate wasted time searching for things in your daily routine.

 What are Magi’s qualifications?

  • A knack for workflow and organization systems that was developed through working in a busy restaurant and family support environment
  • Extensive experience in planning ahead for families
  • Keeping a clean and organized space for childcare centres to exceed association and provincial protocol expectations

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