Interviewed by Service Halo
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Q1. How do I know when I need a professional organizer’s help or when I can manage a project on my own?

There are many do-it yourself websites and blogs that can help you get more organized. Often Simply Placed’s clients call because of the following top three reasons:

  • Stressed out because they don’t know where to start
  • Don’t have time: a project they started has been sitting there for a long time
  • Their living situation has changed. For example, they are having a baby or they are moving and need to meet a deadline.

If you’ve experienced one of these situations then consider calling an organizing consultant to talk about how to take control. However, if you are not in any of these situations, then make a plan to do it yourself. There is so much information out there that can help you get more organized.


Q2. I am looking to reduce clutter. What are some of the best ways to achieve that without throwing out a bunch of stuff?

The best way is to see what you actually have. Go through every drawer and storage space to see what you have been storing. Then you can really tell what you have.  You are not alone if you are emotionally attached to your things. There are many reasons why we may feel the need to keep the items. However, when you are ready or need to find space and create breathing room for yourself – give yourself the permission to achieve that. When you are reducing clutter, ask yourself these questions: do I need it or will I use it this year or can I temporally borrow/rent it during the rare chance I need it? Keep things only if you use them and have the space to easily access them. When you donate it, others would be happy to use what you don’t need anymore.


Q3. What is the best way to sort through my things?

While you are sorting through every container and box, group items together to help you realize what you have. During the sorting steps don’t overwhelm yourself by thinking about if you are keeping it or not. Just focus on sorting it and putting it into similar groups. For example, within 30 seconds you should be able to place that item into its group. Don’t think about it or admire it, just sort it.

After sorting then you can organize every group and get a good look at what you were storing. If you have several of the same items then decide if you use it and want to keep it all or minimize to create more storage space.


Q4. I am downsizing and moving to a new place. Should I hire only an organizer and let her/him manage the other contractors such as movers or should I select each party.

You can hire an organizer to act as a coordinator for all the contractors required when downsizing or moving. It depends on what level of involvement you would like in the project. If you have the time to find your own contractor then that’s great but just make sure you do your research.

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