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Vancouver, BC. to Burnaby, BC

“I am so grateful to Magi for helping me with my move.  I was very worried about how I was going to pack up the busiest room in the house – my kitchen!  But Magi efficiently helped me sort through it all and pack away the items I didn’t need right away.  Things were packed securely and labelled so unpacking was much easier!” Daniel, Vancouver. BC


Moving and downsizing

Daniel, a graphic designer was overwhelmed with relocating and downsizing from a two car garage and two storey home into a 2 bedroom apartment. He felt the most overwhelmed with packing and sorting his kitchen supplies. Simply Placed stepped in to help pack his kitchen to meet move-out deadline.


  • Sorted through kitchen items needed daily
  • Packed items that were not regularly used
  • Labelled and inventoried kitchen supplies


  • Kept minimal amount of daily used items for her family to use in the kitchen before moving date which will make packing the rest of the kitchen easier
  • Packed kitchen supplies that are not regularly used
  • Determined what will fit in the new apartment kitchen by keeping items that are needed
  • Got the job done while collaborating with Diana, and took charge to ensure she experienced the least amount of stress possible.


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