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Organizing solutions brought to clients and here is what they think!

Organizing Consultations

“Really personable compassionate lady who understands that the biggest obstacles to getting decluttered are the emotional issues. She helped me tremendously in the short 1 1/2 we spent together. Already started the process and reclaiming the real estate!” Maureen, Vancouver, BC.

‘Magi was able to provide practical solutions to home and office muddles. After years of struggling with our teeny front closet with four teenagers, she provided a few forehead-smacking suggestions that have resulted in more hat-wearing, a door that actually closes, and a morning rush that seems serene compared to the chaos of the past.” Alison, Vancouver, BC.

“Loved it and can’t wait to get follow up emails. It was extremely helpful, and wanting to implement some suggestions soon.” Anonymous, Vancouver, BC.

“Great service. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to improve their living space. ” Anonymous, Vancouver, BC.

“Magi was great. She’s a very good listener. Very helpful suggestions.” Anonymous, Vancouver, BC.

Home Organizing

“My kitchen was stressing me out.  Its organization wasn’t working, and I was running out of cupboard space.  Enter Magi: Professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and just plain talented at what she does.  With an informative and collaborative approach, Magi transformed what was a dysfunctional and stress-inducing kitchen into a well-organized and efficient use of space.  I now have extra unused cupboard space, and we didn’t even throw anything out!  I was amazed by how quickly Magi came up with organizing solutions that I’d never thought of, and by how much less stressed I felt after her work was completed.  She provided an action sheet of additional solutions I could implement on my own, and I now have what I feel is a perfectly organized kitchen.  If you want a space that’s not only well organized but is also functional, hire Simply Placed, even if you think you can do it yourself.  Truth is, you can’t do it as well as Magi, and she’ll save you an incredible amount of time and hassle.  I’m extremely impressed!” Karina, Vancouver, BC.

Downsizing and Relocating

“I am so grateful to Magi for helping me with my move.  I was very worried about how I was going to pack up the busiest room in the house – my kitchen!  But Magi efficiently helped me sort through it all and pack away the items I didn’t need right away.  Things were packed securely and labelled so unpacking was much easier!” Daniel, Burnaby, BC.

Office Organizing

As a business owner, I found myself drowning in paperwork because I didn’t have a good way of keeping track of it all. I am so thankful to Simply Placed who helped me create a filing system for my receipts and important documents.  Now it’s much easier to file my paperwork as it comes in – and produce it in a jiffy for my accountant when needed! Diana, Vancouver, BC.

Special Projects

David and I want to thank Magi Lee from Simply Placed for helping to organize our wedding day so beautifully. Amid all the chaos that ensues the day of a wedding, Magi was professional, focused and resourceful. We especially appreciate her ability to find quick creative solutions for our guest favours, wedding day program and rehearsal dinner. I am confident our wedding was a success because of her. Thank you Simply Placed! We only have one question, can we hire you to organize our baby showers next April? Jacquie & David Trivino, Richmond, BC.

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